“Migrant Journeys” draws on the research undertaken by Alice Hertzog in the context of her doctoral thesis The Lagos-Abidjan Corridor - Migration Driven Urbanisation in West Africa defended in 2020. The research was conducted under the supervision of Christian Schmid, Pius Krütli and Armelle Choplin at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, in partnership with the SDC Global Programme for Migration and Development.

Lead Researcher
Alice Hertzog

Coordinator & Media Editor
Daniel Schwartz

Offshore Studio (Isabel Seiffert & Christoph Miler)

Graphic Design Assistance
Filip Despotović

Schneidler BT (F.H. Ernst Schneidler)
Subtype (Filip Despotović)

Website Programmer
Immanuel Bauer, Bubblebird

Video Production and Photography
Stephane Brabant, AfrikaFun

Rebecca Adler

Chauncey Hertzog

Research Assistants
Saliou Abdou, Sam Agbadonou, Marie-Ange Agbayahoun, Prudence Dohou, Joseph Kalu,

Additional Photography
Alice Hertzog, Bernard Kalu, Sarah Morissens, Leonce Raphael - Courtesy Jack Bell Gallery, London

Sam Agbadonou, Sidney Akotegnon, Michel Bright, Armelle Choplin, Lamine Cisse, Maimouna Couliably, Anicette Djokpe, Aymar Esse, Naomi Fagla Medegan, Fernand Glokpan, Ange de Gogo, Simon Gnonlonfou, Philipp Heinrigs, Alice Hertzog, Abbas Jeradi, Joseph Kalu, Angel Kotiko, Babalola Gérard Laleye, AbdouMaliq Simone, Martin Rosenfeld, Romeo Sextus

With thanks to
Emilie Ballestraz, Anicette Djokpe, Simone Giger, Pius Krütli, Khadim Mboup Cheikhal, Maria Rey, Anne Savary Tchoursine, Laurence von Schulthess Rechberg

Produced with the support of
Global Programme of Migration and Development, SDC
Transdisciplinarity Lab, ETH Zürich


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